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13 Feb 2012, Posted by EPoff in Blogging, Design
EPoff Web Design

Welcome to the new – new epoff.com for 2012.  I’ve been thinking about redesigning the site for about two years.  After gleaning inspiration from other designer and developers, I finally decided on a rather narcissistic (and retro) approach, planting myself front and center with two of my loving animals.  After a very crazy year full of unwanted surprises, I decided that 2012 would be less stiff and more fun and I wanted to express my style with this style.

I started with the wallpaper background.  I found real wallpaper with this design and thought, “This is it!!”  So, I took that idea, changed a few things and had my 50s inspiration!

My Dad's 1956 Ford Fairline Crown Victoria

More 50s Inspiration – My Dad’s 1956 Ford Fairline Crown Victoria

I also decided I wanted to showcase a few of my designs on the front page, and I thought an old-time TV with rabbit ears was the way to go.  I added in a turquoise couch (inspired by my former kitchen), and lovingly placed “cartoony” versions of my cat and dog on it.  I added myself watching my designs (as this is what I do everyday – I just sit back and look at all of my designs and pat myself on the back).  I pulled from my previous colors (from the Notepad theme) and I had a theme that was fun, yet sophisticated (well, at least I think so).  I also added a few turquoise accents on all of the pages too.  The calendar image for the dates on the blogs came from my memory of the hanging calendar we had in out kitchen when I was growing up.

The vinyl record social media icons were the last piece to pull everything together and give it that true retro feel.  As I started designing a record, I thought, “I bet these are out there somewhere!”  Sure enough, I found these great icons available from someone I wanted to give credit to, but unfortunately it took me so long to get the site up, that person’s site is gone.  So vinyl-record-social-media-icon-guy … I salute you…wherever you are!

Hopefully, I’ll be adding more 50s-60s inspiration elements in the future.  Thanks for stopping by the site.

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