Chatwing Chat App – Chatting Your Way to Better Customer Service

18 Aug 2013, Posted by EPoff in Web development

Chatwing LogoWhat’s all the chatter about?  Why, Chatwing, of course! If you are a website owner and are looking for a great chat application affording you better customer service and response time, Chatwing should be at the top of your list for consideration.

Chatwing is a free chat app tool that offers a great deal of customization and flexibility. Initial setup is easy and once you sign up and set your parameters, you’ll receive a code to copy and paste into your site. It’s a breeze to get started.

What sets Chatwing apart from other chat apps is that it offers Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Guest login options and works with most blogging and website platforms including, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly.  In addition, there are plenty of admin features which allow you to keep control of the conversation. Some of the many features include assigning a moderator, deleting messages in real-time, banning users live, blacklisting users and creating word filters. And though you probably don’t want to chat with thousands of people at once, it has a capacity of 7000 online chatters!

The chatting tool also has a very detailed modification feature that allows you to tinker with the chatroom’s visual appearance. You can modify the look so that it fits in with the theme of your site adding your own personal images to the chatroom’s background to further personalize it.

Chatwing Theme Options

Overall, this is a full-featured chat application that can put you in quick contact with your customers. If you thought a live chat feature might be too much of a hassle, too complex, or too costly, you might want to give this application a test drive. It’s easy and free. If you are currently using it or try it out after reading this, please let us know how you like it and what your impression of it is.

I want to send out a special thanks to Aaron from Chatwing for introducing Epoff.com to this app and all of its great features.

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