Justin Bieber = Marketing Genius

24 Mar 2010, Posted by EPoff in Marketing
Justin Bieber Equals Marketing Genius

I have to say that a few months ago I had no idea who Justin Bieber was.  After seeing him continually hit the top ten trending topics on Twitter, I decided to dig a little deeper to see what made this kiddo such a big deal.

I started by going to Google and typing in his name.  I scrolled down a bit and saw his site: http://www.justinbiebermusic.com/ and clicked on that.  I kept looking for his Disney or Nickelodeon affiliation and couldn’t find any.  I clicked on his video to watch him and hear him sing.  I thought, “This is a cute kid with a decent voice.  I see why all the girls like him, but why is he so DARN CRAZY WILD popular?”

Okay, so he’s not from one of the kid factories: Disney or Nickelodeon.  His mom and dad aren’t rock stars.  His uncle isn’t Simon Cowell…hmmm?  Well, here’s the story in a nutshell.  His mom thought he was cute and talented and I guess encouraged him to put videos of himself on YouTube.  He became a YouTube sensation.  Some music peeps saw him and decided he should be looked at more closely.  He got a manager who thought he was talented and then they went to work to try and get a record deal.  Somewhere along this journey, the doors slammed in his face over and over again.  The manager and Justin were told that since he wasn’t already known through Disney and/or Nick that he wouldn’t “catch on”.  Finally, Usher thought he was worth a shot and thus a star was born.  (I think there are a lot more famous people and details to this story, but you get the pictures!)

Anyway, the point is his manager saw something in him – his appeal through social media – which makes him a star like no other.   A little nobody kid from Canada used YouTube to launch himself to the top of the food chain and now he stays on top by using his Twitter account to connect with his fans?  That is true genius if you ask me.

Besides this, he’s been on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and The View in the past few weeks and he is quite charming.  He’s a true salesman.  He knows what the people and his fans want and he gives it to them.

I think we can all learn a little something from Justin Bieber here.  Being on top takes work and it takes talent and it takes dedication.  I checked his twitter activity today and he seems to really connect with fans pretty often.  And I’m sure he has publicity folks helping him actually update his status, but he is in touch with his age bracket and he understands how to use the right technology to stay connected and to keep sales up.

Justin Bieber has broken the mold.  He wasn’t a Mouseketeer or a hit on Nick, he was an average kid with a nice voice who knew what he wanted, went for and got it.  And for those of you who don’t think social media is going to “catch on”, you should probably busy yourself by reorganizing your 8-tracks or perhaps by hanging out with all of those recording studio managers who slammed the door in Justin Bieber’s face because it’s going to be a long wait.

  • Social

    If you believe things like ” Some music peeps saw him and decided he should be looked at more closely. ” then you really don’t know much about the marketing machine behind this. No one gets discovered on myspace, youtube or whatever social media networking tool. It’s all marketing that is done in advance. Record companies just make them do it to create a “story” and that’s why you found videos of this kid on youtube.

  • admin

    Yup Social – you are probably right. I was thinking this was more of a “diamond in the rough” story but your point is a wise one! This reminds me of when the first Bachelor came out and somehow I actually believed that goofball wanted to find a wife. I guess all of that smart marketing makes us all WANT to believe.

    I mean even Susan Boyle was ASKED to come on the show – she didn’t choose to go on her own.

    Thanks for enlightening me! I like your style.

  • chris

    Your original post should stand.

    Put the cynicism aside, many many many bands have been found on YouTube and MySpace.

  • admin

    Even if he has been helped by the music industry to get to the top, he still didn’t have the notoriety of a mouseketeer and needed an advantage somewhere. YouTube and Twitter have really kept him in get in front of his fans. Most days he’s a top ten trending topic on Twitter. Even the most famous, most well paid, most marketed superstar can’t say that!

    Regardless of whether Justin did it on his own or was set up, the marketing behind him is noteworthy!

  • Steve

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  • eeee

    I doubt he even understands what and why he is doing 😀 It normally goes like this – a manager comes and says – wear this and go there.

    Also you can see they desparately try to hold their small audience (pre-teen girls). I can just guess, what would happen after Justin gets older (I believe Macaulay Calkin’s fate, i.e. noone really gives a **).

    People seem to hate him a lot, probably because he represents everything that is bad about marketing – how you can force-feed something to people, so they would buy it. Power of modern marketing.

  • Jason

    I deeply resent having ‘engineered’ acts shoved in my face every two seconds.
    There are so many deserving artist out there and so little space in the controlled media.
    Kids can be forgiven for latching on to something one notch above a Saturday morning cartoon but any adult who thinks there is any distinction between Bieber (vomit) and Barny the Dinosaur is deluding themselves.

  • Marina

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