Don’t Let SOPA/PIPA Censor the Web!

18 Jan 2012, Posted by EPoff in Blogging, Random Thoughts, Social Media

Today many sites such as Wikipedia and Reddit are going dark to protest the government’s latest efforts which would censor much of the Internet.  Google too has joined in and all are asking you to sign a petition and/or contact your U.S. Representative to help keep the Internet free and open.  The bills were meant to help prevent piracy and copyright infringement, but the bills go too far and would impose harmful legislation on websites and businesses.  Google has an petition available on their site which is very easy to fill out.  Please take time to sign it.  It is very appreciated.

Wikipedia Goesd Dark

  • Jackie

    I signed the petition. Thanks for the post.

  • Mel

    wat a way to put more ppl uepemloymnnt congress. we’re suppose to create more jobs n the internet can help market that legally. how about passing a law for going to stupid needless war congress. quit chokin ur country.