Six Scary Websites just in Time for Halloween

27 Oct 2013, Posted by EPoff in Just for Fun
Halloween Sites

I’ve been working hard on a project and am in need of something fun to sink my teeth into, so I thought this was the perfect time to just let loose and have a little Halloween fun.  I’ve been looking for scary sites across the web and so I’ve compiled a short list of sites I found and thought I would share.  I found a few other sites along the way, but thought they weren’t quite up to expectations and didn’t include them.  I also decided not to include YouTube only videos, as that seemed like cheating – I don’t consider videos “websites” per se.  The sites are in no particular order – but please enter these sites at your own risk. (Insert scary laughter here.)

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1. creepypasta.com

Creepy Pasta

This is a great jumping off point if you are looking for scary stories and images. Creepy Pasta is a collection of paranormal stories and short horror microfiction. From topics like Zombies to Psychosis to “Jeff the Killer”, you’re sure to find a story or topic that will make your skin crawl and your toes curl!

2. pumpkinrot.com


This is probably one of my favorite scary sites, because it’s a visual minefield of wonderfully spooky and creepy sculptures made by a guy who just loves Halloween.  The owner states in his prologue, “When my age restricted me from collecting candy on Halloween night (in any socially acceptable manner) I decided to do something about it…I would one day make my own yard art.”  And that he does – and does it well.  You have to see some of these creations!

3. dionaea-house.com

The Dionaea House

This site is a series of email correspondence and cell phone messages.  It might not seem like it would be that scary, but it’s pretty cool.  If you have some time you should read through the story – it’s really well done and there are lots of twists and turns.   I found myself really drawn in quickly, but it does take some time to read the whole thing and it has a better effect if you can do it in one sitting – so plan a little “scary me time” for this one.

4. ghostsandstories.com

Ghosts and Stories

This is another compilation site full of ghost stories, campfire stories, ghost pictures and recordings.  Besides reading through what’s here, you may also submit your scary stories and pictures too.  The site has a rating system, so you can find top rated content easily.

5. mostlyghosts.com

Mostly Ghosts

Ghost pictures, ghost videos and urban legends, oh my!  This site offers real photos with ghosts lurking in backgrounds and across landscapes.  Videos are also available with titles such as “Fact or Faked”.  There’s also an urban legends section.  even if you don’t believe in ghosts, after seeing some of the content here, you might change your mind.

6. spookyscarythings.tumblr.com

Spooky Scary Things

Spooky Scary Things is a Tumblr site by a filmmaker named Carrie.  She offers up what I might call the more artistic and “softer” side of scary.  She has a wonderful compilation of artwork, animation and photos.

She clearly states, “I will not post anything that I find to be genuinely disturbing, gory, or something someone would not be able to view at work. This is a blog for the spooky, not for the disgusting.”  So, you’re probably safe viewing this site with kids around and they might even enjoy some of the spooky treats she offers up.  This site is tastefully done and really intriguing.

Do you have a site that you like for that extra special scare?  If I missed your favorite, leave me a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check the closets before going to bed!

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