9 Steampunk Sites and 4 Pinterest Boards for Your Steampunk Fix

02 Nov 2013, Posted by EPoff in Design, Steampunk

Steampunk…What is it?

Originally, the term was used to refer to a genre of fiction – a sub-genre of science fiction actually, where steam power and springy gadgets were tossed into Victorian-era or Westernized Wild-West type settings.   The term doesn’t just apply to fiction writing anymore, and now refers to a wildly popular artistic movement.  Though there are hundreds of interpretations of the movement,  I think you’ll recognize steampunk when you see it.  Artists basically mashup Wellsian and Verne-ish type gadgets with Victorian-era aesthetics to produce a sort of nuevo-gothesque feel (yes, I made that term up).  From fashion to photos, and video to music, steampunk is everywhere and enthusiasm is growing, so I thought it was time to see what great websites, tumblr accounts and pinterest boards are popping up to pay tribute to the art form.

9 Steampunk Sites

1. The Steampunk Tribune – Why not start your steampunk journey with the latest in steampunk news and events?  This is a blog/news site dedicated to all things steampunk featuring, videos, music, art, photos, fashion and more.

The Steampunk Tribune

2. Beyond Victoriana – This site is the winner of the 2013 Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Awards for “Best Politically-Minded Steampunk” and “Best Multicultural Steampunk” and according to its description: “All of the steampunkery here focuses on non-Western cultures, underrepresented minorities in Western histories (Asian / Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, First Nation, Hispanic, black / African & other marginalized identities), and the cultural intersection between the West and the non-West.”

Beyond Victoriana

3. Beyond Victoriana – Tumblr Edition – The tumblr version of “Beyond Victoriana” deserves a shout-out as well, since it provides more articles, links and information on minority-based and multicultural steampunk.

Beyond Victoriana - Tumblr Edition

4. Adventures in Steampunk – If you are looking for a more whimsical perspective, look no further than Renquist von Reik, Captain of the Anomaly Obscura Engine and Mechanicus Fabricator’s blog posts.  Renquist von Reik takes you on a character infused journey of all things steampunk.

Adventures in Steampunk

5. Steampunk Art on Tumblr   – For a spectacular visual journey through the steampunk world visit this tumblr account.  The site offers lots of neat and detailed artistic pieces.

Tumble Steampunk Art

6. Traveler’s Steampunk Blog – This is a great and very updated blog dedicated to all things steampunk.  This blog is also available in German.

Thoughts on Steampunk by Traveler

7. Steampunk Girls on Tumblr – This site offers visually stimulating art and photography with a girl-centric theme.  The site’s about statement sums up its steampunk philosophy as, “more than an aesthetic tendency, it’s the longing for the past that never was.”

Steampunk girls

8. Pridek’s steampunk tumblr account – This is another wonderful tumblr account that focuses on steampunk fashion and decor.

the pridek's

9. Noupe – Showcase of Unique Steampunk Web Design & Resources – If you are looking for more detailed art, music, web designers, etc. try this site for a list of more steampunk-style sites and resources.

Noupe -Showcase of Unique Steampunk Web Design & Resources

4 Great Steampunk Pinterest Boards

Your appetite still not satiated?  Try these five fabulous pinterest boards for more inspiration.

1. Divine Design Pin’s Haute Steampunk Board

Pinterest - Haute Steampunk

2. Sam Stormborn Ormandy’s Steampunk Board

Pinterest - Steampunk

3. Lisa Rooney’s Steampunk Crafts Board

Pinterest - Steampunk Crafts

4. Lady McCormick’s Steampunk DIY Board

Pinterest - Steampunk DIY

I’m just an admirer of steampunk, and not an expert. So, have I missed something? Is there a site, tumblr account, pinterest board or something else that belongs in this list? Do you have a site that you’d like to share? If you do please feel free to leave a comment below or use my contact form and let me know. I have a feeling there will be a part 2 to this post coming in the near future.

Featured image on main page is by Ann Emerald via Deviant Art and a link to her page can be found here: http://ann-emerald.deviantart.com/art/Hatter-410105493

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