Why Google Plus Reminds Me of Vegas (That’s a Good Thing)

07 Dec 2013, Posted by EPoff in Google Plus, Social Media
Google Plus Reminds Me of Vegas

As I sit and daydream about my upcoming trip to fabulous Las Vegas, I think about why I love it so much…there’s always something happening. No matter what time of day — early morning, afternoon, late night, dusk, dawn, and in between — there is always activity. Whether there’s a show going on in the theater, a band playing on stage, performers roaming around outside, someone winning a jackpot, a concert rocking out, a volcano erupting, tigers sleeping, fountains dancing, famous people hanging out…there’s always something to see or do…ALWAYS.

And thinking about that, made me realize why I love Google Plus (aka G+) so much…because it reminds me of Vegas. There’s always something going on! Whether it’s a live event, a music hangout, a community discussion, circle sharing, or a friend posting a tip or photo from somewhere amazing, it’s active day and night. I love when I get on in the morning to check out what’s going on. And because there are people on G+ from all over the globe, there’s activity online 24/7. As I’m going to bed and checking posts late at night, others are waking up to begin their day. If I stay up until two or three in the morning, there are people on Google Plus posting, discussing, connecting, sharing and hanging out. It’s the most wonderful thing. I never feel lonely.

Working from my home, I spend most of my days – alone. Normally, I’m working on projects and don’t get bored, but sometimes that collaborative element seems to be missing. Over the past few months, as I’ve built relationships with others and joined communities on Google Plus, I don’t feel like I’m missing that piece anymore. I feel I have a community (several actually) of like-minded folks to bounce ideas off of, share successes and failures with, ask questions of, and help others if the need arises. For me, there have always been two negatives associated with working from home:

1) No collaboration with co-workers or others in my area of expertise.
2) Finding that balance between “work” and “home” life. (Since the office is only steps away, it’s easy to work all of the time.)

Though Google Plus hasn’t solved my second challenge, the first one has been addressed. I love having so many people with whom to communicate. And the great thing about G+ is that it is the great equalizer on so many levels. People who are experts and authorities collaborate and communicate with peons (people like me).

I love the “Events” option on G+ too. This is probably my favorite feature. Some really awesome people host weekly shows, which are broadcast live and right within Google Plus. The shows usually take place in a Google Hangout On Air with special guests covering a range of topics from “how to make money online” to “healthy eating”. While you are watching you can comment and post questions to the host and guest and to others watching. It’s a very interactive opportunity. Some of the hosts will pick questions and comments to discuss during the show. Others will wait until after the show to address them. Either way, you are able to watch, participate and learn some really interesting things. When you can’t make the live shows, you can catch up with your favorites by watching the YouTube videos. The shows are saved to YouTube, so you never have to worry about missing one. You always have access to the content. There are many great ones to watch. I just started tuning into several but so far some of my very favorite shows are:

1) Social Media Power Chat with Mia Voss (because I’m #batcrapcrazy for Mia Voss and her show)

2) #15Minutes w/ Christine & Mia (Christine DeGraff and Mia Voss)

The shows’ titles are pretty self explanatory. Each week these shows feature new guests to discuss their respective topics.

I’ve been able to have conversations through posts and events with some of the best and brightest on Google Plus. And I’ve learned so much! I’ve grown in ways I never knew were possible.

If all of this sounds like some strange love affair – you might be right. Those of us on Google Plus seem to sing its praises all of the time. I guess you could say I’ve been “drinking the Google Plus Kool-Aid” but if you haven’t stopped by for a visit and shared a couple of circles, you don’t know what you are missing. (Don’t know how to share a circle? Go to CircleCount.com and pick a top circle to follow.)

Maybe you’re like I was — with a Google Plus account and 50 or so colleagues & friends – none of whom seemed to be engaging. You may have wondered if anyone was even using it. Well, they are. You just have to go out and find people. You’ll have to communicate with strangers at first, but before you know it those strangers will be your friends. They will be your biggest cheerleaders especially if you engage, share, plus others’ posts and communicate effectively. All of this warrants another blog post on best practices **makes note to self** — but for now, just know that it’s an amazing place to be and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Feel free to stop by and visit the wonderful people I mentioned above, and say hi to me and add me to a circle. I’d love to see you there!

  • Richard Cummings

    Great post

    • E Poff

      Thanks so much Richard! Appreciate you stopping by!

  • Katherine Kotaw (@KatherineKotaw)

    Hi Elizabeth!

    Such an insightful post and I love the analogy you draw between Google Plus and Vegas.

    I completely agree with you about loving the sense of community of Google Plus. And I share your sentiments about working from home and being a solopreneur — it can get lonely at times. Before launching KOTAW just last spring, I spent years as a one-woman show, working as a solopreneur from home. And even though I work with a small team now, I definitely am so grateful for the additional sense of community I have found on Google Plus. The connectivity factor brings me such happiness, as well as comfort on those days when I just need an extra boost of support to keep me going. Because running your own company — whether it’s a solo endeavor or a group effort — takes monumental work and even though it’s a source of great joy, it can be stressful, daunting, lonely etc. But hey, we get to work in our pajamas!

    Thank you so much for writing this personal post. I think so many people can relate and will be inspired to find that they’re not alone.

    • E Poff

      Thank you Katherine! As I was tuning in to a couple of these live Hangouts I realized that I really felt like I was finally connected to a community of like-minded folks. And I felt like I was one of many and not just…alone. I work very well by myself and in my home office (PJs are a great plus), but I always feel like I’m missing out on things. Google+ has given me access to some amazing communities, live events and a great group of people who are doing new things. And just like Vegas – if I’m on at 3am – there are others on and active…posting, hanging out – it’s really a very cool place! You are so kind – thank you so much!