10 CSS Animation Designs

14 Apr 2014, Posted by EPoff in Animation, CSS, Design

A few months ago I wrote a post showcasing 12 Awesome Pure CSS Designs and I had such a positive response, I decided to do another post. In fact, I even received messages, comments and emails from some of the designers who were featured.  Other...

5 CSS3 Tools to Make Your Site Look Fabulous

25 Feb 2014, Posted by EPoff in CSS, Web Design

Are you still using actual images for gradients, shading, buttons, and text embellishments?  Have you been wanting to switch over to clean, beautiful CSS3, but didn't think you had the skills to make the leap?  Have no fear, some great CSS3 tools are here.  In...

Backing up Your WordPress Site

01 Feb 2014, Posted by EPoff in Web development, Wordpress

As I helped my son put the final touches on his school book report last week, something scary happened.  I sent the document to print and for whatever reason the application crashed and the book report disappeared.  Behind me came a wail.  My son was...

12 Awesome Pure CSS Designs

24 Nov 2013, Posted by EPoff in CSS, Design

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and the styles are used to display how HTML elements will appear in a browser. CSS has come a long way since it was first recommended for use by the W3C back in 1996.  Today, there are some brilliant...